Our Team

We are proud of our team that includes senior experts and researchers from an excellent academic background.

Talal Al-Mayhani, director

Talal acts as the director of the Centre for Thought and Public Affairs (CTPA) in the UK, where he is the director, and the Editor-in-Chief of its journal Delta-N. In addition to commenting in Arabic and English media, Talal writes opinion essays on political and cultural issues in the Middle East and publishes in a number of leading newspapers and supplements in Arabic and English including Al-Hayat, Al-Quds Al-Arabi, Times Higher Education and OpenDemocracy.


Fadi El Hajjar, senior expert (peace building)

Kassem Saddiq, senior expert (M&E)

Metin Gurani, project manager

Yomn Al Kaisi, communication officer and researcher

Masters in Middle East Politics at SOAS, University of London. British-born and of Arab descent, she researches, translates and comments on the Levant in various outlets, including BBC Arabic, Amnesty International, Gulf Times, and OpenDemocracy. She currently works for the Centre for Thought and Public Affairs (CTPA) in the United Kingdom.


Rasha Al Saba, project manager and researcher

a researcher with MSc in Global Health with Conflict and Security from King’s College London. Rasha is experienced in field-based research in resource-limited settings with fluency in Arabic and English with advanced French. From 2012 to 2015 she worked in humanitarian relief in Health and Wash sectors, acquiring first-hand knowledge of complex emergencies in MENA region. Awarded the best dissertation in 2016 and currently being revised for publication in an academic journal article