The Centre for Thought and Public Affairs (CTPA) is an independent not-for-profit organization registered in the Companies House in England and Wales (No: 8971707), with an office in Cambridge, United Kingdom and representatives in Turkey and Lebanon, and partnership with T&E Solutions in Lebanon.

CTPA is involved in different activities and offer a range of professional services such as research, training, consulting and M&E services in fields of education, health, conflict resolution/peace building and public policy.

CTPA has developed experience of working in highly diverse communities, and in stable (such as the UK) and fragile environments (such as Syria and Lebanon), and is committed to deliver its services in the understanding that an intersectional and interdisciplinary approach is vital to the quality produced.

CTPA with its resource and pool of qualified experts (with extensive training experience and excellent command in Arabic, English and Turkish) have built a solid backgrounds in the health, social, educational, environmental and public policy disciplines; and proven expertise in strategy development and organizational management, research, training and evaluation working for, or consulted, a multitude of organizations and international agencies including multi-national, regional and local companies.